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Theodore is an elegantly aromatic Scottish gin, powered by the spirit of the Picts  an ancient confederation of tribes that once settled near our home in Ardross, Northern Highlands.

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Thought to be some of the very first settlers of Scotland, the Picts arrived on the eastern archipelago as mysterious body-painted warriors. Soon "Pictland" was home to a multitude of clans that would rule—however briefly—over the lands north of Hadrian's Wall. Today, traces of their adventures echo only in the poetry, engravings and forgotten fortresses of Scotland.

But through the fragrant aromas of Theodore the Pictish Gin, lost memories of the Painted People are now brought to life. Fragmentary reveries of their exploits add flavour as we distil and bottle, our choice of crisp and citric botanicals invoking an appropriately Pictish sense of adventure.

Theodore Gin represents a journey of curiosity, as we forge links between ancient legends and the world we live in today. Not much is known for sure about the Picts, but that sense of mystery only whets our thirst.




Natural floral & rich sweetness
Light, versatile & exotic
Atypical & bright citric flavour
Elegant, strong & lightly smoky
Precious perfume ingredient
The piney heart of gin
Stimulating & spicy
Earthy & bitter
Raw & comforting flavour
Sophisticated citric
Explosive & warming complement
Powdery floral element
Distinctive Scottish flavour
Green & aromatic
The spice of the silk road
Soft, floral with tannic undertones


Theodore Gin is an elegantly aromatic Scottish gin, inspired by the lost civilisation of the Picts. Theodore is an homage to a war-like tribe that once made its home amidst these ancient rocks and valleys.


In this first experimental batch of Theodore, sixteen botanicals, including pine, damask rose, pomelo and bourbon vetiver, have been distilled in a multi-stage process using an old Charentais still alongside a rotovap to extract the best flavours and aromas from each distinct botanical. 


Pomelo is distilled in an old Charentais still at "feu nu" to extract the elegant citric notes of the fruit. Ginger is double distilled again in the Charentais in order to extract woody warmth and powdery spiciness. Honey and fresh pine needles are distilled in a vacuum using a rotavapor to preserve the freshness of the botanicals. Coriander, juniper, pink pepper, chamomile, kaffir limes, orris, cardamom and lavender are distilled in the classic London Dry style
After distillation and blending, we further infuse Theodore Gin with Oolong tea, which gives the liquid a pale straw colour, and a green-grassy aroma that adds layers of complexity as well as balances the natural sweetness of the gin.


This intricate and delicate elixir is the product of a perfumer and two master distillers, one British and one French, combining old and new techniques.



Gin & Grapefruit

50ml Theodore Pictish Gin 

125ml Grapefruit Soda 

Garnish with grapefruit slice

and rosemary 

50ml Theodore Pictish Gin 

125ml dry ginger ale 

Garnish with ginger

and thyme 

Gin Buck



Theodore Pictish Gin reminds you to drink responsibly. Please do not share or forward this content to anyone under legal drinking age.

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